Stylistic Tourettes

Sometimes, I wonder if I have stylistic Tourettes. I seem to flit between cartoony vs realistic or painterly vs pen and ink - then, every now and again it all comes together on one piece and I get something I'm almost happy with. That happened with this zombie-santa xmas card. For once, the ink work and the colouring worked and I finished with a picture I could see going in my portfolio.

Happy Christmas, zombie-ites!


Tuonela said...

Now that's my idea of Santa! And Xmas... Hi Rich, it's iamacamera. Not sure how I changed my identity, I'm starting a music blog soon (long story). The Justwrite site seems to have vanished... anyway, have a great Xmas and all that goes with it, will catch up sometime. --Ian

Rich said...

Thanks Ian,

Hope you had a good christmas and we'll definitely catch up. I've revamped my blog and all evidence of writing has gone, lol.

It's pure art from here on in.


Tuonela said...

Cool! Will keep you in mind for cover art when my records come out :P

See http://soundcloud.com/tuonela-1 Probably not your taste in sound, but it's an amazing site.